Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Happy Ganesh Chathurthi 2012

Wishing all my Hindu Friends ( nevertheless any one who loves Lord Ganesha) a very happy Ganesh Chthurthi. Have fun making good festival food and enjoy the day. May lord Ganesha bless the world with whatever is necessary for a peaceful life.

I have already written a post on how to make Ganesha idol. So i dont have anything to say this time. Pls find my ganesh chathurthi pictures which was celebrated couple a year ago. Becoz this year i have no idea what to do! :))

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Another Obsession

Other than handbags, i have few more obsessions and one of them is my rings! I love wearing and collecting different rings. As im from India , we basically buy gold rings most of the time. But since i live here for the past 8 yrs, i started admiring rings which are made of metals other than gold. But i only have about 5 or 6 of the non-gold ones. Yet i love them the most.
The one thing that i will never stop buying is Rings. I started collecting them since when I was around 7th or 8th grade. Now i might be having aroung 70 or 80 probably. I never keep a count of it. The best part of buying gold rings is that you can wear them every day. It is a kind of investment. On top of it it makes amazing souveniers.
I wanted to show all my collections but they are all sleeping peacefully in the safe! so may be i will post the picture when i get a chance to go to my bank.
I am just posting a couple of pictures of the rings that im currently wearing.

Tanishq diamond ring, is one of the most popular diamond jewelry brands in India and is known for its innovative designs. This one is simply 3 diamonds built in 18k Gold. Came with a certificate of Authenticity. Each diamond is approximately 50,000 INR.

These are regular gold rings .

Sunday, June 17, 2012

I.M.H.O Ash's weight gain!

Considering she's just going through a natural process, why all this fuss about a little weight gain ? Ugh!! It takes time to work off post-pregnancy weight. And it's only been 6 months since she delivered, so I am sure she'll get back into shape with time.
And people compare her with Lara Dutta who delivered at the same time. I dont know why people fail to realise that each and everone's pregnancy is unique. She has gone through a hard time getting pregnant & during pregnancy.Which means there is something more like getting just pregnant. It involves a lot of Harmonal changes, physical and emotional imbalances.  So, please refrain from getting judgmental.

Honestly to my eyes she has gotten more prettier than before.A rose is always a rose by whatever name may it be called!

Monday, June 4, 2012

How to add copyright symbol & name to Photos in Picasa3

Very simple....
*Select a picture
*Then select 'Add/Edit the Photo' option from the toolbar on the left
*It basically gives you the option to write something over the picture
*Now comes the main part - Press & Hold Alt key and enter the number '0169' and let go of the Alt Key. Picasa will add Copyright symbol to that picture.

Thats it. Have fun copyrighting your pictures.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

My Birthday!

The most insanely beautiful day it is. Yes its my birthday. And i loved all the wishes, phone calls, text msgs, and wishes from Facebook friends made my day. On top of which my husband surprised me(as always) with this loveable cake! What more could i ask for. I thank god for making this day a wonderful & a pleasant one.

Oh the 5 candles r for 5 of us in our family! Cute isnt?! <3<3<3

Thursday, May 3, 2012

My New Nikes

One of my new year's resolution is loosing weight. It is so challenging and tough with 3 kids. Yet i try my level best. I have a long way to go. Sometimes i get so low that i have to motivate myself. Lately i gave perks to myself as a token of achievement for reching my short-term goals(like losing 3 to 4 Lbs per month!).

Hence this post. I got these new nikes from sports authority. They r basically training shoes, which can be used for walking too. They carried only quite a few colors. I chose grey with I was skeptical at first about the color but it blends with almost any of my excercise outfit. Above all the comfortbeded sole is like walking on a cushion. So its a winner!
Price $75, with a 20% coupon(Available online in their own website). It came to about $60 plus tax = $64.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Love your feet

This morning i decided to do something that i have been thinking to do long since but never really did. Its pedicure! first time here in US. After say about 6 yrs. I have been lately finding a away to relax and soothe myself. And this is one such way that really makes me feel so nice.Its our wedding anniversary tommorrow, but we cant really do much about it as our schedule depends on our children. So i celebrate by giving a pedicure to myself.

I finally found a nail salon and got them done today. Aaww ....cant explain how happy i felt in yrs. Here's the pic.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

My new favourite morning tea mug

Im a tea lover. i have to drink my tea, the minute i come to the kitchen as the first thing in the morning. Well not anymore. Im becoming lazy to make tea as it is time consuming. And i have to do 10 things at a time in the morning. Plus im on diet/excersie. So i found a new alternative to that which is a ready-made beverage mix. So, my morning ritual includes drinking tea/beverage mix, with marie biscuts. Allow me my dear readers to introduce my new favourite morning tea mug, tada...!!!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

I Love Handbags

Lets see, love for handbags started @ the age of 3. (wud soon post the picture as a proof). I cannot go to a place without it. I adore all cute bags. But im incredibly picky when it comes to the perfect one of my personal choice.

Im not a brand addict. Yet I love to have branded ones . NOT TO SHOW OFF BUT I REALLY LOVE THE QUALITY FOR THE PRICE IM PAYING.It gives an immense pleasure that we have gotten something thats worth the lifetime.FOR LIFETIME!!! if anything happens to it, you send it back and they fix it! How nice isnt?!!.. genuis! perfect! And no dont you dare to flash a question about knock offs to me. Im totally against stealing brand names. So i dont like fake things.

Anyways i have a cocktail of mixed range of handbags. Coach is one of my favourite brand. Coach reigns in my closet and even though I have a bevy of unique and pretty bags, I end up carrying one of my Coach bags 99% of the time.

Well im sure a lot of people out there are Coach lovers. When you go out for shopping or elsewhere, you can see atleast 5 to 6 people carrying Coach. Why? Because its the most popular affordable low end designer bags . People like to own brand names and please their wallets at the same time. So this is the widely used choice.Personally, I don't find Coach bags overpriced. In fact some, don't even consider it a brand now a days to be honest. Anyone can own them. And thats what i have mentioned earlier in this paragraph.

My next target is : Louis Vuitton Bag/Wallet & Burberry bag/wallet.Thats when i get back to work. Not for now.Anyways I love my bags. This is just my Coach collection. Others are pretty old ones and some are not branded. I cudnt take pictures of all becoz of time issue.

I cant wait to do another post about the popular "what's in my purse" . I like comments/following my blog , so pls feel free to do so. thanks for your time.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

My twins turned 1! Yay!

When we reached our twins’ first birthday, we thought, we'd deserve a little celebration. After all, we have survived the first year.
You actually planned to have a big birthday bash with dozens of friends, decorations, and entertainment.
But all of a sudden, I didnt want to add stress by having a massive birthday party.
Fortunately, the first birthday is the only chance in your kids’ lives when they have no expectations of what a typical birthday should be like. Your twins’ first birthday is therefore your only chance to take it easy. So I took it easy!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Happy 4th Birthday to my Blog!

Happy birthday to you my sweet blog! Its been 4 years i started scribbling  my thoughts.This 4 years of blogging has taught me lot many things in life. Four years ago i had no idea if, anyone would read my blog, although i created this blog mainly as an outlet to my thoughts. I am amazed and delighted to see the number of visitors to my blog. Also i have earned few blog friends which is quite amazing.
To all of you, I give my million thanks . I loved having you visit, hearing your kind words, and sharing your experiences.

Image courtesy :

Monday, February 20, 2012

Karnan Old Tamil Movie in DTS

Sivaji Ganesan's Old tamil movie Karnan has been digitally enhanced and is to be released with DTs sound technology tomorrow in theaters. It is sure to make a hit among the latest crowd once again.
Although i watched the movie a million times during my childhood, I never got bored. I seriously cant wait to see it.I have mentioned this as my top most favourite movie of all the times in my previous post Classic cinema corner - Tamil. But im not sure it would be released here in US. Lets wait and see.

Image courtesy :

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Simple Pleasure

After coming back to US, home alone! without my mom! was really a nightmare. Managing 3 kids without any help.Aww.... I myself feel like a big time complainer. :(
This made me so depressed and thus i ended up cheering myself. Hence this thought which i wanted to share with you all.

Life is filled with tons of simplest pleasures that we miss to recognise . Dear friends and readers, we happen to meet rough times , and tend to get stuck . But the trick is get self-motivatedly cheering ourselves.
In my case i was obsessed with baby sitting and doing the household chores. Eventually i tend to loose my mind , which lead to stress. So I was  casually stalking around the internet and read some people talking about having more kids and yet having simple pleasures. Thankyou web-friends, for reminding me what life is all about! Their experiences reminded me of  my simple pleasures to bring back my mood!
Here are they are:
Snuggling with my kiddos in the bed.
The moment i saw a wonderful handmade card by my Son for the mothers day!
The minute i saw my son's valentine card , that he had mentioned "My valentine is my Mom"
The first time my twins said Momma
Hearing someone say I love your hair/eyes/smile :))
Being told I did a great job on something
Reading emails from readers of my blog.
The smell of my house after the maids leave
The smile on my son’s face when I pick him up at school
Hearing my twin girls saying bye-bye to their big- brother when he leaves to school in the morning.
My twins huge (mostly) toothless grin when they see me
Unexpected “Mommy, I love you”s from my Son.
When my Husband says "this is the best dish i have ever had" with my cooking. and/or
"Not even my Mom(supposed to be every guy's best cook) could make such a tasty dish!
(Actually the later would be the biggest credit to my cooking.

So basically what i wanted to convey is that, please try and find beauty and pleasure in simple things that you would experience every day,  that would relax your mind.
Try it out folks, just ease yourselves from day to day anxiety and tesnions. Make yourselves physically and mentally healthy!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Wishing you all a Happy new year 2012

Hello friends , I miss you all terribly.I keep getting lots of emails and word of encouragement which means a lot to me. Thankyou all very much for your time. I try to reply to each of you who have personally emailed me. I could only wish for more hours in a day coz i dont think 24 hrs would be enough for me being a mom of 3 kids!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Year 2011 Recap

Went like a RollerCoaster ride!  :)) Or shud i say it was like watching a suspense thriller?! both would be apt.

Started skeptical(w.r.t my pregnancy)
Excruciating moments
Grounds of Optimism
End of Extremity Era
Travel to India
Back to US
Busy  Busy Busy - No Nanny :(((

Needless to explain each topic! This was my year 2011's happenings. Meet you all in another wonderful year 2012.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Happy Krishnajayanthi 2011

Happy Janmashtami everyone. I love celebrating all our Hindu festivals, it is so endearing to me since i love doing pooja, decorating swamy idol & house, preparing food for them. This is such a wonderful task that I was bestowed with in my house and now even after marriage I continue the trend. There is something so satisfying doing these things.

Especially for this festival, drawing little krishna's feet is such a heart touching thing to me. Past few years had been even more interesting, becoz of my son Aran. WHen i finish drawing Krishna's feet, He will stand on the main Kolam where krishna's both feet is drawn and put his hand on his wait and would stare at me.... To me he looked exactly like Lord krishna has come to our house in his form. After all every child will appear like the God almighty, to their Parent.And im no different

Have a wonderful day.

Monday, August 15, 2011

My life with Older one plus Twins

When I was carrying twins I usually hear this phrase "Double trouble" from most of the people. I was like why would they talk to me like this?

Should it not be taken the other way round "Blessed twice"?!

Then i gave birth, brought them home.We named them Lalitha & Radha. Our first son was totally excited being the big brother.At this point I had this thought that all of these people had no idea what they were talking about. All those people who appropriately spaced out their children so they were able to enjoy each of them individually.

Its been 5 months now. Been having various emotions that i cant even explain.Although no complaints from this twinmama, I am totally blessed! However, I am in a state to face the roughest part of my life. I am sleep deprived beyond imagination. I am overwhelmed beyond imagination. I am hormonal beyond imagination. I am confused...well, beyond imagination.

The work involved with caring for twin infants is well beyond double the work. Yes, there are double the diapers, bottles and clothing, but it is more than that. No one speaks about the "third" side known as "inconvenience, logistical nightmare and do-overs". Let me explain...

I was carrying out a simple daily routine that I usually do with the help of a nanny who worked for us for about 2 months.My Nanny's timings are 8 to 5 pm. And my husband comes back at around 8.30 pm. During this lapse of time i have to manage 3 kids. Twins plus my older son. Twins cry at the same time(mostly). I had to feed them one by one and then Aran, getting bored of watching cartoons and doing the same old homeworks from his preschool. Somehow i finish the feeding, and then Lalitha poops, by the time i finish up cleaning her, Radha cries out loder and louder.... and my son Aran, cries that he is getting bored. With these loud cries I try and finish up cleaning Radha. And still had to manage Aran. The minute my husband enters home i will feel so relived that someone is there to help me out. I am really tired and exhausted.

And to my bad luck my mothers stamping got rejected as she had to come twice in the same year within few weeks gap. So me & my husband decided that We'll go to India and stay @ my mom's place for about 6 months and bring up these kids. So here i am now in india. Been a month now. And i already miss my husband and so does he. I hope i could get through this stage with strength and courage and with blessings of god.

If i shud thank one person and owe my lifetime that would be my adorable Mom. Without her i wouldnt be able to get over my most difficult twin pregnancy and had 2 beautiful twin angels in our hands. Now that they are 5 month old, growing up. Just cant wait to see them grow bigger.

Im still figuring out how to plan my time better. Another thing i realised is that this is the hardest work and its okay to ask for help.

It's is more than double the work.Im sure each new stage presents new challenges, but it is amazing how other twin parents (and other multiple parents) are able to overcome each hurdle. I also learned that "this shall pass too" and that after years pass by I will definitely miss these hardest yet most wonderful moment thats worth every second!!!

With tears of joy.

Monday, June 27, 2011

After a long break

Hello friends, I haven't posted in several months due to the premature arrival of my twin daughters, beginning of this year. For all of you who were praying for us, thank you! We are home after a long struggle and are doing well.It has been quite a long break for me from this blog. However, I am back and would be posting articles here forth though not frequently as before. So stay tuned.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Indian maternity portraits - Tips

I guess u mught have understood the title well. Many of you Indian Pregnant women, (like me) must be wondering how to take and preserve good maternity pictures. I kind of never liked exposing my belly or bare body of pregnant women in the photographs and preserving them.... Well its my personal taste. May be becoz the way i was brought up.This is so common here in UnitedStates or any other western countries. Believe me its becoming very popular in India too... But im sure, there are lots of people who still stick to my kind of taste.

Been thinking about this topic - 'Photography for Indian Pregnant Women' long since. Ok, so this post will be more useful for those of you Indian preggo ladies,  who resides outside India, and just have digital camera, ans still wanna preserve ur consolidated maternity memories, but do not have enough ideas to capture your thoughts.I Came up with some consolidation of ideas by browsing and viewing lots of albums, I hope you will be a starter inspiration for you all just like me.

There are several ways you can consolidate your maternity memories
  1. Traditional
  2. Contemporary
  3. Mixture of both
Things you will need:
  1. A good digital camera (Though a DSLR will be ideal)
  2. An account with the digital photo developing sites like Snapfish/ Kodakgallery/Shutterfly/Clark etc etc
  3. And a perfect mood! Have a natural smile in all ur pictures.Or atleast donot be a frowny.
  • You take pictures showing each month or by trimester.
  • When you take pictures month by month , it is better to stand in the same place , prefferable against a plain wall , posing sideways, with some plain ( no patterns), and dark colored dress, throughout the pregnancy.That way u can see ur belly's growth.
  • When you have no time for all these, then u might wanna take random pictures but remember to note the trimester. May be u can show up ur fingers as to what month you were , in that picture at that time.
  • When taking random pictures:
Place: Outdoor photographs, in the daylight, are always my first choice. Prefferable greenery background. Like you can go to a nursery, or a playground, sidewalks with the green bushes, or even ur own garden for that matter.
Costume: You can either choose our traditional indian outfits like Saree or Salwar or even a mix like brightblue jean with white kurta or the wester outfits.
Costume Color: Denim blue Jeans and Whites for all skin type.
                            Dark red/Bright yellow/Dark Green for fair skin.
                            Mustard color/white/ neutral shades for dark skin.
 Make-up : Minimal. Just enhance your eyes with clear mascara, and lip gloss. Ofcourse with neatly tweazed eyebrows. Let your hair loose.

Place: Indoor Photographs with bright good light - will be my second choice.
Costume : Same. Denimblue and whites will be perfect for any occasion.
Color : Same
Make-up: Same as above.

  • Outdoor : Just a casual pose while walking in the breeze.
  • Outdoor: Or by sitting or lying down over a green lawn , you seeing the blue sky....
  • Outdoor : Just holding hands with your husband (either front or back pose), using self timer.
  • Indoor: Lying in a couch with legs crossed and with some pros like reading books -picture to be take from behind your head, so that your face is not visible , only your tummy is visible.
  • Indoor: Sitting in a yoga mat with some yoga postures.
  • Indoor: If you already have a kid(s), then you can hold their hands or legs, and pose sideways.
  • Indoor/Outdoor: If you already have a kid(s), then you can take the usual pose, by making them hug around ur belly and pose sideways.
  • Indoor/Outdoor: Holding flowers close to belly and posing sideways. This should be a closeup shot of ur belly with ur hands holding flowers
  • Indoor/Outdoor:A very common pose - again a close up shot  of ur belly with your hands making a heart symbol.
  • Indoor/Outdoor: To have an indian touch you can pu mehandi in ur hands and wear beautiful gorgeous bangles.
  • Indoor/Outdoor: Or you can take pictures when u hang out with ur friends or relatives.

Add up ur professional baby shower pictures to this collection and make a photobook! I personally love photobooks rather than storing the induvidual prints. Im sure many of you will think , it would have been better if i demonstrated with some pictorial examples. I will definitely comeup with my  own compilation examples asap. Till then have fun taking & preserving photographs.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Season 2 /Season finale!

Okay dear blog friends, i gotta tell u some good news thats happening in my life, that we are expecting again. And we have been experiencing whole lot of changes & hardships so far , which is one of the reason I wasnt able to continously post anything in my blog. We are so preoccupied that the family dyhnamics is unexplainable. But im so happy i got so many emails concerned about my absence. So this is it. Well, lets see yall in another wonderful.

Friday, December 3, 2010

I am back after a long gap!

I am back to blogging after a long break! Off late lotsa people have asked me why I stopped blogging. Well... what can i say.Things have been keeping me occupied enough in addition to a whole lot of other things happening in life.... and now I am back! :)

But one thing i would say is, i had been trying my level best to post many articles in my blog , despite many odds and as it is needless to mention that i never give a post without my signature photos respective to that post, I took plenty of pictures during so many wonderful occassions.But i cudnt publish any of them. Anyways, now that im back, will keep posting though not very frequently, but as much as i can.
see you all soon guys.

Monday, April 12, 2010


It is really nice to recall those wonderful moments which takes back to my good old days in chennai. When misfortunes stared at me at every step of my life, this city gave me the courage to face up the challenges.I love chennai for what it is.
Though singara chennai is my native place, i never had a chance to explore even half of it because of my conservative family. Like travelling in pallavan bus, shopping at T.nagar Ranaganathan street!, The beautifully cut strips of unriped mangoes that is sold in streets of tnagar or marina beach, peanut sundal!,etc etc :)
A sample picturesque beauty of the chennai life that i tried to capture during this trip:

Lady selling fruits :

Tnagar Usman Road busy street:

Street vendors selling real peacock feathers, beautifully tied :

Street toy shops:

Peanut sundal :
Nostalgia is like a grammar lesson: you find the present tense, but the past perfect! ~Owens Lee Pomeroy

Saturday, April 10, 2010

5 Headed snake in India

I was so surprised to see this picture when a friend of mine sent it to me. This is a snake found in a temple at Karnataka.

Looking like a creature from mythology, multi-headed animals occur in real life as conjoined or parasitic twins. It is not just in mythology that creatures are given to have two or more heads. This condition where an animal or human which has more than one head is termed as polycephaly caused due to developmental abnormality during gene mutation.

Many mythologies like Hindu, Chinese, Greek,etc has references to such a 5 headed snake in their epics. We have so far read about such a snake only in historic stories and epics . Im sure it will be surprising to most of you as much as myself, to see such a rare species still being alive.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Visit to Temples - Part 1

Whenever I come to Chennai I never fail to visit temples and there are a bunch of them as my favourites. Apart from which i also visit few new temples if time this time I started with Thiruverkadu SriDeviKarumariAmman Temple & as usual Mangadu Amman Temple.

This is the first time im visiting this Thiruverkadu temple; although i have been meaning to visit this since very long time (say about 6 yrs).This is very close to Koyembed (Where i stay with my parents).The temple has a busy street filled with shops selling garlands,statues and picture of god & goddess, some devotional things that people believe in like a miniature craddle to tie it on the sacred tree meant for devotees who aspire for child, and the sacred threads to tie it on the sacred tree again thinking that it will fulfill their wishes. You can see such a cute petty shop in the picture below.

The whole street filled with beautifull petty shops that sells similar items.
On entering the main entrance as usual vinayagar welcomes you into the temple,seated beneath the peepal tree along with nagaar statutes both sides of him,now moving to to visit the main deity karumaariamman's gopuram(temple tower) is covered with gold.

Amman is seen as her body being submerged in the earth, and is covered with silver Kavach(kavasam in tamil) which adds more beauty to the goddess.Godess parvati as Eswari just above the head of karumari is seated with four hands. kungumam,viboothi,theertham along with lemon is given as prasadam for the devotees.
Adjacent to the temple a huge anthill is present were people worship amman in from of naaga valli(snake form) . But i didnt happen to see that .

This is my favourite temple i have been visiting this temple for the past 10 yrs. Its a great temple and one of the most powerful too. Like others, this temple has a great legend too, you can learn it by googling.
Kamakshi Amman is the main goddess of this temple. Amman is seen in standing posture in the moolasthanam with a Ardhameru sri chakram.Also you can see tapas Kamakshi in the same temple on the other side.
This is the praharam surrounding the moolasthanam fully built with marble which becomes very easy for the people who does Pradhikshanam around the temple.
I have never asked for anything to the Goddess when I pray as per my mother's advise, not to ask for anything to the God , but just her grace. And she will take care of everything about you. I cant really explain how true my mother's words were.
Picture of my parents and my little one standing in the praharam.

Mangadu Amman has showered her graceful blessing on me in many ways for which i owe her so much.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Divine Thought

I have been watching all the tamil channels right since i came here last week. I was really astonished to see so many channels emerged over the past few years. Most of them offer the same kind of programs which seems a little boring after few days of watching them. Yet i do see few interesting programs in some channels.
One of my favourite is the latest TTD (Tirumala Tirupati Devastanam) Live Channel which telecasts some of the sevas at the temple live on the channel. The channel also features devotional programmes, bhajans and religious discourses. For people who cannot visit the temple due to various reasons, this channel is really a gift .

One cannot deny the fact that the divine aura attracts millions and millions of devotees across the globe towards Lord Balaji who is the main deity of this Temple. TTd is accredited for being the second richest temple (first being the vattican church) in the world. The devotional activities for the Lord is awe inspiring. The daily Thirumanjanam or Abishegam done to the Lord and his consorts is a feast to our eyes. All the ornaments set and the vessels used for the Lord are made of Gold.
You can see it from the pictures below. Tried to take a snapshot of the live Tv.

This wonderful service live on TV for viewers should be really appreciated. But somewhere in my mind hails a humble opinion that the Lord is being continuously restless. :)) throughout the day which starts as early as 4.00AM and goes till night, with all the pujas and abishegas and archanas; on top of which millions of devotess leaving their burdens at his feet. Poor Lord has so much of responsibilities in this world to take care of.His inconcievable mercy exhibited over this universe never fails to astonish millions of people including myself!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

My typical day

Nothing feels good than seeing a sunrise, as the first thing in the morning with its vibrant color . Breathing the fresh air in the morning gives an unexplainable sense of great feeling that gets rid of sleepiness.

The sounds of birds chirping, along with our man made noises like the car reverse horns, are all the wake-up call for me, every morning. After which i can hear the devotional songs being played in the television by my mom. Ahh, such a simple yet great things which i really adore and i feel its the perfect thing to start my day!

First thing i do right after i get off from the bed is to set right my hair and brush my teeth.Well I know thats what every body does, but what i meant was, I never ever had a bed coffee , ever in my life. I hate it.
Im a morning tea person.(I dont like coffee.) One of the niciest thing in the world for me is the masala chai made by my mom. But today my mom made masala milk as i had some cold/caugh.

This is our flat - Arihant Majestic Tower Chennai, and lives upto its name!

This is the play area in front of our building where i usually take my L.O(little one) in the evenings. But i havent yet started taking him outside this time, as we havent yet recovered fully from illness.
I have briefly explained my typical day in chennai at our house. will post more detailed pics in days to come...

Thursday, March 18, 2010

All that glitters are not gold!

Apples are coated with shellac and carnauba wax to improve their shine because consumers prefer to buy shiny apples. Also wax is used for a preservation purpose and then cold stored. A coating of wax helps seal in moisture and therefore extends storage life. You might be surprised especially the imported apples are more than one year old, though it would look fresh.

Food industry people claim that the wax is safe to eat and not harmful for our health.But doctors say that wax coating may cause some health problems as nausea, stomach upset and food poisoning. And if consumed it on a regular basis, it will lead to ulcers and gastric problems.

It might be so confusing to the ignorant people as to whom we should follow. If we think a little bit more about it , our commonsense will definitely ask us to follow the doctor's opinion because they are better persons with the health perspective.

Doesnt mean that you cant really comsume any wax coated fruit or vegetable at all. Or you do not want to really peel off the skin as it contains many good health attributes. It is just the fact. There is always a solution to any problem. Hence with this, you should always rinse your fruits/vegetables with soap and water or with vinegar or with hot or warm water real good, or use vegetable/fruit scrubber, before you eat them.