Friday, December 17, 2010

Indian maternity portraits - Tips

I guess u mught have understood the title well. Many of you Indian Pregnant women, (like me) must be wondering how to take and preserve good maternity pictures. I kind of never liked exposing my belly or bare body of pregnant women in the photographs and preserving them.... Well its my personal taste. May be becoz the way i was brought up.This is so common here in UnitedStates or any other western countries. Believe me its becoming very popular in India too... But im sure, there are lots of people who still stick to my kind of taste.

Been thinking about this topic - 'Photography for Indian Pregnant Women' long since. Ok, so this post will be more useful for those of you Indian preggo ladies,  who resides outside India, and just have digital camera, ans still wanna preserve ur consolidated maternity memories, but do not have enough ideas to capture your thoughts.I Came up with some consolidation of ideas by browsing and viewing lots of albums, I hope you will be a starter inspiration for you all just like me.

There are several ways you can consolidate your maternity memories
  1. Traditional
  2. Contemporary
  3. Mixture of both
Things you will need:
  1. A good digital camera (Though a DSLR will be ideal)
  2. An account with the digital photo developing sites like Snapfish/ Kodakgallery/Shutterfly/Clark etc etc
  3. And a perfect mood! Have a natural smile in all ur pictures.Or atleast donot be a frowny.
  • You take pictures showing each month or by trimester.
  • When you take pictures month by month , it is better to stand in the same place , prefferable against a plain wall , posing sideways, with some plain ( no patterns), and dark colored dress, throughout the pregnancy.That way u can see ur belly's growth.
  • When you have no time for all these, then u might wanna take random pictures but remember to note the trimester. May be u can show up ur fingers as to what month you were , in that picture at that time.
  • When taking random pictures:
Place: Outdoor photographs, in the daylight, are always my first choice. Prefferable greenery background. Like you can go to a nursery, or a playground, sidewalks with the green bushes, or even ur own garden for that matter.
Costume: You can either choose our traditional indian outfits like Saree or Salwar or even a mix like brightblue jean with white kurta or the wester outfits.
Costume Color: Denim blue Jeans and Whites for all skin type.
                            Dark red/Bright yellow/Dark Green for fair skin.
                            Mustard color/white/ neutral shades for dark skin.
 Make-up : Minimal. Just enhance your eyes with clear mascara, and lip gloss. Ofcourse with neatly tweazed eyebrows. Let your hair loose.

Place: Indoor Photographs with bright good light - will be my second choice.
Costume : Same. Denimblue and whites will be perfect for any occasion.
Color : Same
Make-up: Same as above.

  • Outdoor : Just a casual pose while walking in the breeze.
  • Outdoor: Or by sitting or lying down over a green lawn , you seeing the blue sky....
  • Outdoor : Just holding hands with your husband (either front or back pose), using self timer.
  • Indoor: Lying in a couch with legs crossed and with some pros like reading books -picture to be take from behind your head, so that your face is not visible , only your tummy is visible.
  • Indoor: Sitting in a yoga mat with some yoga postures.
  • Indoor: If you already have a kid(s), then you can hold their hands or legs, and pose sideways.
  • Indoor/Outdoor: If you already have a kid(s), then you can take the usual pose, by making them hug around ur belly and pose sideways.
  • Indoor/Outdoor: Holding flowers close to belly and posing sideways. This should be a closeup shot of ur belly with ur hands holding flowers
  • Indoor/Outdoor:A very common pose - again a close up shot  of ur belly with your hands making a heart symbol.
  • Indoor/Outdoor: To have an indian touch you can pu mehandi in ur hands and wear beautiful gorgeous bangles.
  • Indoor/Outdoor: Or you can take pictures when u hang out with ur friends or relatives.

Add up ur professional baby shower pictures to this collection and make a photobook! I personally love photobooks rather than storing the induvidual prints. Im sure many of you will think , it would have been better if i demonstrated with some pictorial examples. I will definitely comeup with my  own compilation examples asap. Till then have fun taking & preserving photographs.

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