Friday, September 11, 2009

Sarah the Cheetah - breaks the world record

Sarah an 8n year old female cheetah sets a new world record as the fastest running mamal on earth.

A male cheetah in South Africa covered 100 meters in 6.19 seconds. Sarah didn't beat that just once, but twice: She first clocked in at 6.16 seconds and then 6.13 secondsPerfectly designed for speed; small head, big torso, slender long legs with big paws, narrow hind quarters. AMAZING .
Way to go Sarah!! She is extraordinary, and the Cincinnati Zoo has an amazing cheetah program!!! Congratulations to everyone who has put in a lot of hard work on this project!!
An 8 year old smashed the record for the 100m set by a wild male cheetah in Africa. girls rock!
Please enjoy Sara's video . Thanks.

Resource courtesy: Yahoo
Image courtesy : Internet

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