Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Vaccation to Ocean City, Marryland.

We took a mini-vacation to Ocean City, Maryland and it was great. We had a fab time. Couple of days during end of summer, in Ocean City was hot, sunny, happy and crowded. Daytime highs in the 80’s, sometimes hitting 90. Nighttime lows 65 to 55 degrees which will little colder.Lots of exuberant children and relaxing parents. The welcome board with the flag at the entrance of the city was really a warm welcome to all the visitors visiting that place which is surrounded by the beautiful blue Atlantic ocean around . This place was busily engaged with ferries , mini boats, fishing activities and a lot more.

It was quite a pleasant scenic beauty to do the boardwalk along the seashore. Which wasn't much crowded . It has lot many shops on the walkway, which was really fun for the collectible freaks like me! At the dawn it was getting a bit colder & beauty of the moon, the ocean, and their reflections...was at its best shot! Wish i had a better camera...:( !!

Okay Arts & Craft you go with quite a few shops at the exhibition which was held in the convention center. Actually there weren't many shops when compared to Indian Exhibitions i have seen so far. But whatever shops that was present there had their best products. Products like quilted napkin covers, pillowcases, throws, books, ready-made dessert mix, gems and jewellery shops were being displayed.

One of the most important thing that you can notice once you are in ocean city would be the number of hotel resorts that are present there. I really doubt if a small town like this would have so many beach resorts. The Coastal highway stretch has more than 100 streets in it and you can see the resorts along the streets throughout the stretch which is interesting huh! And the architecture of all the buildings are really nice and pretty tall.

Now, a fun place for the kids called - "The Jolly Roger".
We our son to Jolly Rogers . On the plus side, there were a number of rides for his age ( 2 yrs) he did not have to wait for any rides. And the staff was reasonably helpful. On the downside, we spent more than $35 for the rides .
Note to parents with small children, watch out for the "point system". If you buy points, the each ride costs between $2 and $3.50 for a small child's ride. If your child plans to ride more than 5 rides, you are probably better off with the multi-park pass than the point system. The rides are carnival quality. While I felt ripped off by the point system, it was our fault for not doing the math and going with a pass.

It was as perfect a beach day with a perfect weather. Ocean City, Maryland, is filled to the brim with visitors. It’s the kind of classic, late-summer day that makes people love Ocean City. It inspired me to celebrate by posting a few photos of classic Ocean City.

See you all soon :))

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