Friday, March 6, 2009

Petty Shop Sweets!

The nicest thing is everything that brings back our pleasant childhood day memories. I spent my later childhood days in a place called Erode which is in western part of tamilnadu, close to the banks of the river kaveri. So the water there tastes better than many other parts of tamilnad, especially in chennai which is my hometown basically. Its a beautiful place , where theres a touch of nativity as well as modern amneties. Since its an economically well to do place basically through agriculture and textile, the people are more sophisticated and live in luxury.Well, thats where i was put up in 7th standard at a school called Kalaimagal, which is the best school at that time. I stayed there till my school finals.

There was a petty shop near by my school , where in , i found lot of delicious sweet/savouries which if i still think of , will make my mouth watering.... lol:-)Although my mom know that im gonna get some sweets from the shop , she will make sure that i dont cross my limits as those are less hygenic stuffs. There have been days where i ended up in sickness. But those are all part and parcel of our lives .

So let me explain the sweets that are available there :

1.Then Mittai

2.Kamar Katt

3.I dont remember the name but it will be round in shape brown in color...

4.Elantha Vadai

5.Elanatha Jam.

All these are delicious stuffs, will linger pleasantly in your mouth for hours together.
Cant forget those days which will have you wallowed in nostalgia.
I recently heard that these sweet stuffs are hygenically packed and sold in supermarkets in chennai.
Recently i got the recipe for Thenmittai , which i will be posting it in my cookbook blog soon.
Image Courtesy : The Hindu


Shiv said...

Nice blog. Can you please post the recipe for Then Mittai. I really really miss this sweet! Many thanks.


Abi said...

Hi there,
I tried thenmittai recipe, it did not come out well. Thats the reason i didnt post the recipe. I am so sorry i couldnt help you out.

Life is beautiful!!! said...

I landed here searching for elantha vadai :) My all time favourite. Nice to see our liking match so much :) Very happy to find your blog.

Abi said...

Thankyou for your time. Glad to meet a person with similar interest. Went through your blog and found it very interesting and higly talented as well.

angelin said...

Then mittai bought me here .