Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Unexpected !!!

Sometimes in life we have to suddenly face situations, which we can only think of in our wildest nightmares. When we imagine ourselves to be in a difficult situation, we derive more thrills out of it, because we are actually not experiencing it in real life and at the same time we are having a marvelous adventure. The unexpected always gets us more excitement than the expected.Or sometimes it might even turn out to be more terrific.
LIFE IS a real mystery…. We don’t know what, when and where the life turns a new leaf and we are bowed to follow what it shows
So what do we do at that time?
Well the answer is ....not very easy! but it is not necessary that life will remain the same. Be prepared for whatever life has to offer you. All we can do is to simply face the unexpected thing with courage.
You might be wondering why am I talking philosophical stuffs. May be becoz im one among the scrapies who have experienced too much of unexpected stuffs in life!!!
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