Monday, August 15, 2011

My life with Older one plus Twins

When I was carrying twins I usually hear this phrase "Double trouble" from most of the people. I was like why would they talk to me like this?

Should it not be taken the other way round "Blessed twice"?!

Then i gave birth, brought them home.We named them Lalitha & Radha. Our first son was totally excited being the big brother.At this point I had this thought that all of these people had no idea what they were talking about. All those people who appropriately spaced out their children so they were able to enjoy each of them individually.

Its been 5 months now. Been having various emotions that i cant even explain.Although no complaints from this twinmama, I am totally blessed! However, I am in a state to face the roughest part of my life. I am sleep deprived beyond imagination. I am overwhelmed beyond imagination. I am hormonal beyond imagination. I am confused...well, beyond imagination.

The work involved with caring for twin infants is well beyond double the work. Yes, there are double the diapers, bottles and clothing, but it is more than that. No one speaks about the "third" side known as "inconvenience, logistical nightmare and do-overs". Let me explain...

I was carrying out a simple daily routine that I usually do with the help of a nanny who worked for us for about 2 months.My Nanny's timings are 8 to 5 pm. And my husband comes back at around 8.30 pm. During this lapse of time i have to manage 3 kids. Twins plus my older son. Twins cry at the same time(mostly). I had to feed them one by one and then Aran, getting bored of watching cartoons and doing the same old homeworks from his preschool. Somehow i finish the feeding, and then Lalitha poops, by the time i finish up cleaning her, Radha cries out loder and louder.... and my son Aran, cries that he is getting bored. With these loud cries I try and finish up cleaning Radha. And still had to manage Aran. The minute my husband enters home i will feel so relived that someone is there to help me out. I am really tired and exhausted.

And to my bad luck my mothers stamping got rejected as she had to come twice in the same year within few weeks gap. So me & my husband decided that We'll go to India and stay @ my mom's place for about 6 months and bring up these kids. So here i am now in india. Been a month now. And i already miss my husband and so does he. I hope i could get through this stage with strength and courage and with blessings of god.

If i shud thank one person and owe my lifetime that would be my adorable Mom. Without her i wouldnt be able to get over my most difficult twin pregnancy and had 2 beautiful twin angels in our hands. Now that they are 5 month old, growing up. Just cant wait to see them grow bigger.

Im still figuring out how to plan my time better. Another thing i realised is that this is the hardest work and its okay to ask for help.

It's is more than double the work.Im sure each new stage presents new challenges, but it is amazing how other twin parents (and other multiple parents) are able to overcome each hurdle. I also learned that "this shall pass too" and that after years pass by I will definitely miss these hardest yet most wonderful moment thats worth every second!!!

With tears of joy.


Kalpana Jeevan said...

Nice post abikka,.. Have a good time @ chennai

Abi said...

Sure thanks.

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Abi said...

Thankyou Joseph. Hope you got the info you were looking for. Keep visiting.