Monday, August 22, 2011

Happy Krishnajayanthi 2011

Happy Janmashtami everyone. I love celebrating all our Hindu festivals, it is so endearing to me since i love doing pooja, decorating swamy idol & house, preparing food for them. This is such a wonderful task that I was bestowed with in my house and now even after marriage I continue the trend. There is something so satisfying doing these things.

Especially for this festival, drawing little krishna's feet is such a heart touching thing to me. Past few years had been even more interesting, becoz of my son Aran. WHen i finish drawing Krishna's feet, He will stand on the main Kolam where krishna's both feet is drawn and put his hand on his wait and would stare at me.... To me he looked exactly like Lord krishna has come to our house in his form. After all every child will appear like the God almighty, to their Parent.And im no different

Have a wonderful day.

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