Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Visit to Temples - Part 1

Whenever I come to Chennai I never fail to visit temples and there are a bunch of them as my favourites. Apart from which i also visit few new temples if time this time I started with Thiruverkadu SriDeviKarumariAmman Temple & as usual Mangadu Amman Temple.

This is the first time im visiting this Thiruverkadu temple; although i have been meaning to visit this since very long time (say about 6 yrs).This is very close to Koyembed (Where i stay with my parents).The temple has a busy street filled with shops selling garlands,statues and picture of god & goddess, some devotional things that people believe in like a miniature craddle to tie it on the sacred tree meant for devotees who aspire for child, and the sacred threads to tie it on the sacred tree again thinking that it will fulfill their wishes. You can see such a cute petty shop in the picture below.

The whole street filled with beautifull petty shops that sells similar items.
On entering the main entrance as usual vinayagar welcomes you into the temple,seated beneath the peepal tree along with nagaar statutes both sides of him,now moving to to visit the main deity karumaariamman's gopuram(temple tower) is covered with gold.

Amman is seen as her body being submerged in the earth, and is covered with silver Kavach(kavasam in tamil) which adds more beauty to the goddess.Godess parvati as Eswari just above the head of karumari is seated with four hands. kungumam,viboothi,theertham along with lemon is given as prasadam for the devotees.
Adjacent to the temple a huge anthill is present were people worship amman in from of naaga valli(snake form) . But i didnt happen to see that .

This is my favourite temple i have been visiting this temple for the past 10 yrs. Its a great temple and one of the most powerful too. Like others, this temple has a great legend too, you can learn it by googling.
Kamakshi Amman is the main goddess of this temple. Amman is seen in standing posture in the moolasthanam with a Ardhameru sri chakram.Also you can see tapas Kamakshi in the same temple on the other side.
This is the praharam surrounding the moolasthanam fully built with marble which becomes very easy for the people who does Pradhikshanam around the temple.
I have never asked for anything to the Goddess when I pray as per my mother's advise, not to ask for anything to the God , but just her grace. And she will take care of everything about you. I cant really explain how true my mother's words were.
Picture of my parents and my little one standing in the praharam.

Mangadu Amman has showered her graceful blessing on me in many ways for which i owe her so much.


Sasi said...


Good to see your blog post from Chennai. Nice colors (btw good capture) on the petty shop (picture#1). It feels like I am standing there at the petty shop. I bet you looked like a tourist with your D90 ;)

Good description on your blog post as well. I bet your l.o. is having a good time with his grand parents.


Abi said...

Thanks Sasi, Im glad u liked the post/pictures.
:)) u r absolutely right, i felt strange shooting those pics with that huge camera.
And yes my l.o is having loads of fun with his granparents...