Sunday, March 28, 2010

Divine Thought

I have been watching all the tamil channels right since i came here last week. I was really astonished to see so many channels emerged over the past few years. Most of them offer the same kind of programs which seems a little boring after few days of watching them. Yet i do see few interesting programs in some channels.
One of my favourite is the latest TTD (Tirumala Tirupati Devastanam) Live Channel which telecasts some of the sevas at the temple live on the channel. The channel also features devotional programmes, bhajans and religious discourses. For people who cannot visit the temple due to various reasons, this channel is really a gift .

One cannot deny the fact that the divine aura attracts millions and millions of devotees across the globe towards Lord Balaji who is the main deity of this Temple. TTd is accredited for being the second richest temple (first being the vattican church) in the world. The devotional activities for the Lord is awe inspiring. The daily Thirumanjanam or Abishegam done to the Lord and his consorts is a feast to our eyes. All the ornaments set and the vessels used for the Lord are made of Gold.
You can see it from the pictures below. Tried to take a snapshot of the live Tv.

This wonderful service live on TV for viewers should be really appreciated. But somewhere in my mind hails a humble opinion that the Lord is being continuously restless. :)) throughout the day which starts as early as 4.00AM and goes till night, with all the pujas and abishegas and archanas; on top of which millions of devotess leaving their burdens at his feet. Poor Lord has so much of responsibilities in this world to take care of.His inconcievable mercy exhibited over this universe never fails to astonish millions of people including myself!

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