Tuesday, March 23, 2010

My typical day

Nothing feels good than seeing a sunrise, as the first thing in the morning with its vibrant color . Breathing the fresh air in the morning gives an unexplainable sense of great feeling that gets rid of sleepiness.

The sounds of birds chirping, along with our man made noises like the car reverse horns, are all the wake-up call for me, every morning. After which i can hear the devotional songs being played in the television by my mom. Ahh, such a simple yet great things which i really adore and i feel its the perfect thing to start my day!

First thing i do right after i get off from the bed is to set right my hair and brush my teeth.Well I know thats what every body does, but what i meant was, I never ever had a bed coffee , ever in my life. I hate it.
Im a morning tea person.(I dont like coffee.) One of the niciest thing in the world for me is the masala chai made by my mom. But today my mom made masala milk as i had some cold/caugh.

This is our flat - Arihant Majestic Tower Chennai, and lives upto its name!

This is the play area in front of our building where i usually take my L.O(little one) in the evenings. But i havent yet started taking him outside this time, as we havent yet recovered fully from illness.
I have briefly explained my typical day in chennai at our house. will post more detailed pics in days to come...


my3rdI said...

Good to hear from you from the other side of the world. Hope you and your son feel better...

Did you take your D90 with you on your trip?

Abi said...

Oh yea, i've gotten it with me :)