Wednesday, March 17, 2010

In case you wonder .....why no posts?

Im on vaccation to Chennai, my home town! And im pretty sure this trip is gonna be little busy with some important events ahead. Yet i would definitely be posting some aritcles as much as i can, whenever i get a chance.

Despite the fact that i hate the long travel to India , about 24 hours door to door! especially when you are sick( along with your little one, who is also sick) is the worst of all ...its good to see chennai again, as it has more than been home to me and so always has a special place.

Still in the process of recovering from Flu. Im all excited with my upcoming posts based on my chennai trip this time.


sasi said...

Have a safe/fun trip...
Don't forget to take/post pictures ;)


Abi said...

Thanks Sasi. Will surely do.