Monday, September 29, 2008

Math for Kids

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I found this site, (developed by a fellow Indian) intriguing while i was browsing. The gentleman who developed this site has done an excellent work. I mean not a many does these kinds of self-less work which would be useful to others . This website is designed to give a good exercise in maths for the kids starting from pre-k to grade 6. Being that the foundation age for developing interest in maths, i thought it might be beneficial for young kids, thus it is in my blog now. There are printable worksheets available for free download. There are even mathematics competitions carried out by the crew. Please check it out.

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Varalakshmi said...

Truly an excellent site!! Just the site you need when your daughter forgets to get her math text book and there is a test the next day. Thanks a lot,for saving the day Abi. Continue your good work,love all your blogs!! Varalakshmi

Sudha said...

Really a gone one. Thanks for letting us know about this site Abi. Its very useful.

Abi said...

@ Varalakshmi
Thanks a lot poppu. Your comments are very energising & motivating.

Abi said...

@ Sudha
Thanks Sudha.