Monday, September 15, 2008

Tamil TV serial - A nudnik headache

I have been waiting for a chance to express or articulate my thoughts about the Indian tv serials, or especially tamil tv serials . Although there are a couple of them to mention about , mostly 99% of the tv serials sucks!!! I seriously doubt that all the director's brains might have been vaporised. Becoz almost all the serials follow the same set of rules like :
1) A family story with lot of characters as relations and unrelated branched stories.
2) The lead role - always a woman, will have the best characteristic features that nobody can find one in reality.
3) The Anti-heroine/hero role - mostly a woman again,possess all the worst characteristic features, will take revenge on the woman who plays the main role.
4) A definite love track.
5) A useless husband / father / brother ... the male character!!!
6)A delay of time with the dialogue deliveries between the characters which makes obvious that they does not know ABC about acting.
7) The most horrible thing is the background music which really gets into my nerves.
8) Comedy series : in which somebody will always laugh behind the scenes.(Probably the director feels that it is a comedy)
9) Some suspense thrillers which are supposed to be scary are very funny,predictable and in fact you can see these type of serials if u wanna watch a good comedy serial.
10) Duration of a serial is 30 minutes. But is actually telecasted only for 15minutes. Rest of the time is for title song at the beginning and a 2 or 3 commercial breaks in between.
11)The commercials... oh my god! i could add another bunch of points about it. But i dont wanna bore u like these serials.
And the lists does not end here... :-))
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Usha Sudharsan said...

Vijay TV is better among the tamil channels. I agree they even have few serials but more realty shows which make them better.