Monday, September 22, 2008

String of beauty

Who does not like flowers, especially the fragrance they carry, is unique. I always have a special love for the flowers in my home-town chennai. Different varieties of jasmine (malli), rose (roja), oleander(arali), Chrysanthemums(samanthi) and lot more are piled up in the bazaar and sold as loose flowers by weight or strung as strands and sold length-wise. No matter what, one cannot forget the smell of flowers which will remind us of our memories going to temples,beach,park, theater, or any other places. I have posted few pictures of the flowers and flower bazaar in chennai which reminds me of my past memories.

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Uma said...

yeah u r right thanks for bringing back those memories at a glimpse.

Abi said...

No problem, pleasure is mine. Nice to see u blogging after a long time. Keep us updated. bye.