Monday, September 22, 2008

Fall 2008

Official fall started today . Its getitng cold here. So the usual guest (FLU) would make its frequent trip to all of our houses here. Been really sick , especially my 1 yr old gets cold, once in a fortnight. On top of all these things one cannot deny the splendorous beauty of the fall. I still remember my first fall color at New Hampshire, i was wide eyed & wonder stuck because for its a new experience for a person who comes from Asian countries like India. Although it was biting cold below 20 Deg Farenheit.... I managed to come out and click few pictures. But im sorry i lost those pictures by having them saved in yahoo pictures which had been totally collapsed now. It was really discouraging to me as i had too many pictures in that. All though i moved them all to other photo management website... i kind of lost interest to even check those pictures these days. I find picassa good with lots of storage space. Anyways will shoot some nice pictures and post it later.

Here you go.... the pictures i took yesterday (9/28/08) from our patio. It was too gloomy and rainy for the past 3 days. Looks good on picture but not good on a weekend! :-((

Phtographed by myself.

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