Thursday, September 11, 2008

Vivid virus

I recently came accross an interesting computer virus which was in the name of "Antivirus" software called XP Antivirus 2008 . Its really decieving bcoz they use the XP logo and would promt us to buy the fake-antivirus software. Please do not give your credit card information or try to buy that software because its actually a virus in the name of antivirus software.
Links to get rid of the Antivirus 2008 in case if you got one!

Or you can do google search and get tons of results.

Their deceiving logos:

Some simple precautious steps to avoid computer viruses:
1.Avoid downloading from unknown person or source.
2.Avoid readin unknown emails from ur inbox.
3.Whenever you search for something in google , try not to open the wep-page with insensible urlseg: bjskltbg.gjgpeuehjjks.combe cautious and read the url and see if it has a sensible name.
4.Set your computer so it doesn't autolaunch files, updates, security checks, html pages, cookies, etc. without your permission!
5. Keep the Antivirus protection programs up-to-date .
6.Please try to understand how viruses and worms get onto your computer and you can virtually stop them all in their tracks.

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Viji said...

That is some interesting news to some of us- non-IT people! Thanks Abi. I love your cookbook site too. Please do add more receipes. I will be trying some this week. :)

Abi said...

Thanks for visiting my blog Viji. Your comments are heartening. Keep visting my blog .