Sunday, June 17, 2012

I.M.H.O Ash's weight gain!

Considering she's just going through a natural process, why all this fuss about a little weight gain ? Ugh!! It takes time to work off post-pregnancy weight. And it's only been 6 months since she delivered, so I am sure she'll get back into shape with time.
And people compare her with Lara Dutta who delivered at the same time. I dont know why people fail to realise that each and everone's pregnancy is unique. She has gone through a hard time getting pregnant & during pregnancy.Which means there is something more like getting just pregnant. It involves a lot of Harmonal changes, physical and emotional imbalances.  So, please refrain from getting judgmental.

Honestly to my eyes she has gotten more prettier than before.A rose is always a rose by whatever name may it be called!

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