Wednesday, March 28, 2012

I Love Handbags

Lets see, love for handbags started @ the age of 3. (wud soon post the picture as a proof). I cannot go to a place without it. I adore all cute bags. But im incredibly picky when it comes to the perfect one of my personal choice.

Im not a brand addict. Yet I love to have branded ones . NOT TO SHOW OFF BUT I REALLY LOVE THE QUALITY FOR THE PRICE IM PAYING.It gives an immense pleasure that we have gotten something thats worth the lifetime.FOR LIFETIME!!! if anything happens to it, you send it back and they fix it! How nice isnt?!!.. genuis! perfect! And no dont you dare to flash a question about knock offs to me. Im totally against stealing brand names. So i dont like fake things.

Anyways i have a cocktail of mixed range of handbags. Coach is one of my favourite brand. Coach reigns in my closet and even though I have a bevy of unique and pretty bags, I end up carrying one of my Coach bags 99% of the time.

Well im sure a lot of people out there are Coach lovers. When you go out for shopping or elsewhere, you can see atleast 5 to 6 people carrying Coach. Why? Because its the most popular affordable low end designer bags . People like to own brand names and please their wallets at the same time. So this is the widely used choice.Personally, I don't find Coach bags overpriced. In fact some, don't even consider it a brand now a days to be honest. Anyone can own them. And thats what i have mentioned earlier in this paragraph.

My next target is : Louis Vuitton Bag/Wallet & Burberry bag/wallet.Thats when i get back to work. Not for now.Anyways I love my bags. This is just my Coach collection. Others are pretty old ones and some are not branded. I cudnt take pictures of all becoz of time issue.

I cant wait to do another post about the popular "what's in my purse" . I like comments/following my blog , so pls feel free to do so. thanks for your time.

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