Tuesday, November 11, 2008

veterans day2008

Im so absent minded that i finished writing a couple of articles long back, and save it. But forgot to publish it onle when it will appear in the blog to view for public. So here it is:

Its a day where they show their gratitude for the people who have served the country (in military)and to those who made the ultimate sacrifice. This is something good about the country & their people's attitude towards their countrymen. Well , this gave me an insight that , we do not have something like that in our country. Surprising huh! Though we have honored few from the huge amount of freedom fighters like Gandhiji & Nehruji & others. But why dont have honor everyone? Some might say that we have the Independence day where we honor them all. But wait all the countries in the world has an Independence day. Why would they(some of them) have allocted a day seperately & specially for veterans. I have no answer!
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