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Almost all of us are familiar with static electricity especially during the winter. On dry winter days, static electricity can build up in our bodies and cause a spark to jump from our bodies to pieces of metal or other people's bodies. We can see, feel and hear the sound of the spark when it jumps. you come inside from the cold, pull off your Jacket and......there you go Static electricity makes your hair stand while removing your jacket on end. Or You walk across people, or atleast sit beside them, again you get a static shock. What is going on here? And why do static problems only seem to happen in the winter?

Everything around us is made of atom, which is the smallest part of any element that can no longer be divided. An atom is composed of charged particles called Protons, Electrons & Neutrons. Where ,

Protons - are positively charged

Electrons- are negetively charged and

Neutrons - have no charge they are neutral.

Now, positive and negative charges behave in interesting ways. You might've probably heard that the opposites attract? Two things with opposite, or different charges (a positive and a negative) will attract, or pull towards each other. Things with the same charge (two positives or two negatives) will repel, or push away from each other. A charged object will also attract something that is neutral.

So what does all this have to do with static shocks? When you take off your wool hat, it rubs against your hair. Electrons move from your hair to the hat. A static charge builds up and now each of the hairs has the same positive charge. things with the same charge repel each other. So the hairs try to get as far from each other as possible. The farthest they can get is by standing up and away from the others. And that is how static electricity causes a bad hair day! Now lets see hoe to reduce the occurance of static.

Stating eliminating tips :

1. Increase humidity using humidifiers

2.Change clothes - switch to natural fibers, since synthetics pick up more of a static charge.

3. If your skin is very dry - try an anti-static hand lotion or atleast any moisturising lotion.

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