Friday, November 28, 2008

My favourite clicks - Part 2

These photographs were shot about 5 yrs ago. It was taken from my old digital camera .Happen to find these pictures while i was browsing my album. Thought i would post few of them.

1. Long shot - Lake George , NY.

2. I just fell in love with this lovely bike with a bull's horn at the bottom of the handle bar.
(Lake George NY - 2004):
Ganesh Chathurthi at our house:

This is a private residence for Dr. Emlen Physick and his family built on 1879. The 18-room mansion is now Cape May's only Victorian house museum and is administered by the Mid-Atlantic Center for the Arts. Entertaining and educational guided tours of the Estate run year-round.
Took this picture from our garden , a beautiful Old-garden-rose plant on 2006:
And tried to make a garland out of the flowers that we got from the plant:

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