Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Naming the natural calamities :

I was pretty unhappy during the long weekend becoz of two major incidents that happened in India. 1. Mumbai terror attack 2. Cyclone Nisha in Tamilnad.
The name of the cyclone, sounded funny to me at first. But later i was thinking about it and realised that there should be a reason behind it. And then did some research on it, and here comes the result. Presenting with humble, the few bits of knowledge that i read out of curiosity.

What is a tropical cyclone?
A tropical cyclone is the generic term for something like a thunderstorm activity.The terms hurricane and typhoon are regionally-specific names for a strong tropical cyclone.

Tropical cyclones are categorised below based on their intensity:

Hurricane - in the North Atlantic Ocean and the north-east Pacific Ocean regions
Typhoon - in the north-west Pacific Ocean region
Tropical cyclone - in other regions, including the Indian Ocean and South Pacific Ocean.

How do they get their names?
Tropical cyclones are named to provide ease of communication between forecasters and the general public, regarding forecasts, watches and warnings. Since the storms can often last a week or even longer, and more than one can be occurring in the same region at the same time, names can reduce the confusion about what storm is being described.

Who name them ?
The lists are decided on, depending on the regions, either by committees of the World Meteorological Organization (called primarily to discuss many other issues), or by national weather offices involved in the forecasting of the storms. Each year, the names of particularly destructive storms (if there are any) are "retired" and new names are chosen to take their place.

Source courtesy : world wide tropical cyclone center.
Image Courtesy : Internet

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