Saturday, November 15, 2008

Children's Day - Nostalgia !

I remember speaking in an oratorical competition when i was studying 3rd grade on a Children's day Contest in our school. The whole school participated in the competition which was till 8th grade. It will be interesting to know how eagerly i waited to hear the final results as other contestants. They finally announced the results, at first they announced the first runner up and the 2nd runner up. Now there are only 2 good speech givers in the whole school and they both are my seniors. So everybody was expecting one of their names to be the winner.
And now, they pronounced my name & said that I was a winner. I was happy but not surprised. Because i was so confident. Wish i have some now. My dad was so happy when he heard the announcement. And then my dad asked me to send the speech in written format to the prime minister of India, Rajiv Gandhi at that time . I did what my dad said ( at that age ! :-))) And to my surprise i was happy when i saw a congratulating letter from Rajiv Gandhi's personal secretary, which came to me within a month. I still have that letter. I would definitely post it in my blog later. All such sweet memorable events, happened during our childhood stays forever. Wish we could have a rewind button in life !

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