Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Hate Mondays ? Love Fridays !

Do you hate Monday?
Well i hear some people (mostly men!) often saying this word "I HATE MONDAY", they just hate geting up, shutting down the alarmclock, hate the taughts of a weeks work/school/college. Sundays make them angry and depressed because a whole week has gone by and they have to get back to work/school the next day. They might also fantasize and wish mondays were a day of rest.And that fridays make them feel so relaxed.
I personalized not hate all Mondays, but sometimes i just feel a little bit lazy to start a new task in the morning esp. after a long weekend.
New research shows that people's beliefs about being in a better mood at the end of the week than at the beginning is really just a bias in the way human memory works. In reality, people's moods do not change dramatically over the course of the week, and people are not vastly happier on Friday evenings and Saturday mornings than they are on Mondays.
Stereotypes like 'Monday morning blues' and 'TGIF -- Thank God It's Friday' are largely inaccurate theories of how moods vary" day by day.
The reason lies in the difference between people's actual moods on any given day and how they remember them later, and it reflects the difference between two different mental processes. Memory is partly about recollection and partly about the meanings we associate with events. Fridays mean liberation from the chores of the workweek, and Mondays mean putting on the yoke again. Those meanings influence our recollections of our moods: When a conflict arises between meaning and memory, meaning usually wins.

Now please take a look at the funny video below:

Hate Mondays? Love Fridays

Source courtesy : Department of Human Behaviour by Shankar Vedantam.

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