Thursday, November 27, 2008

Haphazard Unelightened!

I was traumatized to hear to such news. I have noticed that such tragedies always happen during the end of the year. Our nation need serious help. The city of mumbai is in a state of misery, being attacked few hours ago ,with ongoing gun battle and blasts at several places and holding to hostages. The terrifying incident has created a sense of extreme anxiety among Indians all over. It reminds me of the famous lyrics in tamil" Endru thaniyum intha suthanthira thaagam " meaning - when will the thirst of freedom be quenched?

Its a pity to note that the resque group is not enough for the amount of people being attacked and there are no enough amneties to help the people. Especially for a prosperous city like Mumbai which is the inhibitance for most of the VIP or influential people. Most interesting thing which the whole world would expect is the speech of president/primeminister of India not being delivered even after several hours of the incident! And the most disturbing fact is that, nobody really knows what is happening around. What should i add more to illustrate the haphazard state?

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