Monday, October 20, 2008

My Music Blog

As i mentioned in my previous email I just released my music blog which was under construction long since. Although it needs a lot of work , its not that bad to start a simple one if we have all the things necessary such as a blog ,mic,recrding software, good sound card... etc etc. Since there are already too many resources available on the internet about these stuffs im not going to explain in detail about it .

My husband helped me set up all these things and there you go, i couldnt get up from the chair. Kept on recording and exploring the recording softwares (which is a lot more difficult).

I have recorded just a couple of songs without music,that is just my voice, as i could not find a good karaoke track. Will post more , as we go ahead. Now you can listen to my voice from the url below or from my blogroll.

Your comments are invaluable, pls feel free to inscribe your views

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Sudha said...

wow Abi, i was not able to hear to ur songs ,as i was at work. Will hear to it and give my feed back. Good luck.