Saturday, February 13, 2010


Today is Mahashivarathiri. Im not gonna explain in detail about it, as you can find plenty of results when you google .Whenever there comes a festival of Lord Shiva i can never forget my most beautiful experience at Tiruvannamalai,which is my mother's native place.

Tiruvannamalai,is one of India's most well known sacred places worth giving a visit. Ramana Maharshi,a saint, lived in a cave on the holy Mt. Arunachala for 17 years and taught the world from his experience of Self-realization. That is where you can find plenty of of foreigners residing to learn about yoga and meditation and seeking for peace and Mukthi Nilai. I feel really bad that why most of us fail to make use of our powerful & precious assets that we got.

We actually lived there for some time during my very early childhood . That's like when i was in my 3rd or 4th grade. We were all staying at our grandmother's house; which use to be a huge one. Plenty of close friends and relatives around. The most popular Arunachaleswarar temple just very close by. We can even see the view of Tiruvannamalai,(Mt. Arunachala). It's fairly a medium sized mountain but it's a powerful place. One can really can feel the presence of GOD his energy radiating from this piece of the earth.

And when i think about the Arunachaleswarar temple, i still get goose mums.... as soon as I put my foot steps into the temple I will feel as though i have entered into a different world which is free from al the bad things that the world consists of. I can smell my peace of mind through the air... this is called the state of " Ekanta - Mukthi" which means - Dwelling in solitude & liberation of man, from the bonds of earth which frees from the birth & death .That will lead us to getting close to the Divinity, the glory of the Lord!!!!
I keep talking about my wonderful experience during my childhood days in Tiruvannamalai. One should definitely visit that place at least once in their lifetime.

Now , i hope you enjoyed the article as much as i did and also the pictures of Mahashivarathiri that we celebrated in a small & simple manner.
Happy shivarathiri to all of you.

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