Monday, February 8, 2010

Quatrain Poetry (tamil):

This quartrain that i happen to read(in tamil) lately has become one of my favourite on the list of poetries i have heard so far. Since i love music its needless to say i also adore the lyrics part of it. My interest thus slowly started to peek on the so called "hi-koo" kavithaigal! I have have been a great fan to read those since long. I read this wonderful "rib-tickling" hi-koo kavithai from the popular magazine "Mangaiyar Malar" . so the poem that i have lately read is here for you :

பல்லவனில் இடிபாடு
பக்கத்தில் தடிமாடு
பெண்மை பெரும்பாடு
பண்பாடு படும்பாடு

Sorry for those who cant read tamil. I can translate the meaning of it for those who are interested upon request.

THanks for reading. Have fun!

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