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Benefits of Home-made yogurt

Everybody is now aware of our health especially our kid's health. Lately we can see most of us going for organic or home-grown or home-made vegetable & products respectively. Im gonna take yogurt topic again and try to make most of the point available or summarized that I gathered from several sources.
Home-made yogurt is an excellent choice of snack for the adults (with lowfat version) and also for the kids ( with whole milk for lean/malnutritioned kids, 2% for medium built kids, and again fat free for obese kids)
Home-made yogurt is a better option compared to store bought yogurt.

Commercial yogurt Manufacturers fill the yogurt aisles with various flavors and brands that occasionally make it difficult to distinguish yogurts. Initially all yogurts contain live and active cultures, but some are heated after they are made which destroy the cultures.

Fortunately, the National Yogurt Association (NYA) established its own criteria for live and active culture yogurt with its Live & Active Culture seal program. Look for the National Yogurt Association's (NYA) Live & Active Cultures seal to ensure that the yogurt you buy contains a significant amount of live and active cultures.

All fermented milk products should be considered functional foods. Why? Because Fermented milk offers so much more than just bacteria: minerals, vitamins, protein, amino acids, L-carnitine, fats, CLA, antimicrobial agents, and much more! A recent study demonstrated the ability of fermented milk to kill H. pylori infections when bacteria alone could not. Another study monitored two groups of people for allergy symptoms. The group that consumed yogurt on a daily basis suffered far less allergies than a control group. In addition, the complex microflora found in kefir have demonstrated a keen ability to stimulate our immune systems, ward of infections from bacteria such as salmonella, and in some cases, even fight cancer.

For kids and especially young girls going through the rapid growth spurts of puberty, getting calcium from dairy products, such as yogurt, may be better for building bone than taking a calcium supplement, suggests a study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

I have already posted the recipe for  Home-made yogurt  in my previous posts. Also pls check out the latest flavoured & sweetened yogurt recipe in my cooking blog.

There are a plenty of yogurt recipes available and i have just made a few at home and im sure everyone knows the recipe for most of the things. Also pls look out for detailed recipes made out of yogurt in my cooking blog which will be available very soon.

Indian Yogurt Recipes:
  1. Yogurt-rice /Thayir satham(tamil)
  2. Thayir Pachadi ( vegetables in yogurt)
  3. Dahi-Batata-Puri (Puri is a flat bread made out of wheat which is deep-fried in hot oil, so that it becomes puffy) Puri is stuffed with Batata curry(potato curry) and topped with grated carrots, yogurt, and sev-(another indian snack made out of gram flour.)
  4. Yogurt mixed with sweetned vermicilli and topped with fruits
  5. Mor-Kuzhambu - another tamilnadu dish.
  6. Dahi vada or Thayir vadai
  7. Simply top the home-made greek styled yogurt with unrefined cane sugar!

Some continental recipes made out of yogurt :

  1. Frozen yogurt or yogurt icecream

  2. Meat or vegetable kababs with yogurt dipping sauce

  3. Yogurt parfait

  4. Yogurt popsicles

  5. Yogurt smoothies ( with simply any fruit).

Looks yummy is'nt?!! Thats the point. It is a evident that a representation of anything gets more characterisation of the theoritical objects.
Thanks for reading have a healthy & wonderful lifestyle!

Source Courtesy : Natural Stomach Care - Benefits of Yoghurt by Dr.Anil Minocha
Photos by Abi.
Photos a few like - vermicilli yogurt/ yogurt parfait /strawberry smoothie - from the internet.

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