Friday, October 17, 2008

My favourite commercial jingles

Its been a while i posted anything. I had been lately focusing on my audioblog which is my long time ambition, and other blogs. So i was little busy with blogs and other things and with my daily routine. I find myself unable to concentrate sometimes. I end up loosing the focus, which is becoz i do too many things at a time. Although audio blog is my focus of interest, this is my first blog so i would continue to write in this.
Anyways, there had been this commercial since a while .... for the "free credit". This particular jingle is very enjoyable and pretty catchy with interesting songs from the guy(the main vocalist) who comes along with his band.. I actually think the ad agency is doing a great job targeting young people who might be wondering what their credit score is. There are like 3 commercials i have seen so far, all of them are portrayed in an excellent manner. Especially the restaurant commercial which is is my favourite(i have posted below).
I have caught myself humming the tunes. I haven’t yet visited the site, but I have been tempted to. I think the agency has created something pretty effective!
Hope you all enjoy this video.

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Kavitha said...

oh yeah i like these guys. They are so funny, but nice to hear.

Abi said...

I know...:-))