Sunday, April 27, 2008

Chennai Chitirai Veyyil 2008

Summer in Chennai !!! This is the time of the year when we groan each morning as the searing heat scorches our bodies and minds! Tempers run high, sweat pours down in little irritating rivulets and if that is not enough the erratic power supply and frequent power cuts are enough to test the patience of a saint! But summer also heralds in luscious watermelons, juicy mangoes and soothing coconut water. The balmy sea breeze floats in every afternoon and soothes one's frayed nerves! Summer in Chennai is a phenomenon that one cannot ignore! Love it or hate it(the latter seems more likely!) - it's there clasping one in an inescapable sweaty embrace! Just managed to click a picture of the piled-up unriped coconut and people drinking the coconut water at 12 noon in a sunny day!

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