Friday, June 20, 2008

Trip to chennai

My trip to chennai this year was great. Done with all the religious formalities like piercing ears & offering hair.... for my son. Though time & energy consuming ,its once in a life time moment so i enjoyed it. Couldnt post on my blod for a while as i was too busy in india. Meeting friends & relatives after 2 years. It was raining when we landed in chennai, the smell of the sand when it first showered....ahh such a soothening aroma, reminded me of my past memories inspite of the tiredness travelling like 24 hours in the air. Long journey is something i usually avoid or cannot tolerate. Especially travelling with a baby is a real hard thing. At the same time it has become an inevitable thing in our life. The madras airport seem to have gotten renovated amazingly to fit the volume of the traveler's capacity. And its pretty neat (atleast for now!!! :-)) )
check out the picture of madras international airport arrival pic below:

And when it was time to return back to us , it really felt so bad leaving the place. Anyways we came back here. Still with some jet lag. Probably i'd take some time to post my next article in my blog till then see you all.

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