Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Just when u think u're done

Criticism has been a part and parcel of our life. Some of us hate it & Some of us take it. This means, the later is matured than the previous one. Well, I would like to share some of my personal experiences and suggestions that i learnt from my life.Here is what we gotto do when people try to criticize us.And majority of the criticizer would be someone who doesnt like you. (Note: I have mentioned only a majority of them & not all) Some(minority group) critics are actually good, through whom you can learn and correct your mistakes. But im sure those critics wouldnt hurt that bad.Analyse what type of critics (Majority/Minority) your opponent is ?Well you can react two ways depending on the type of critics.
1. Reaction for the minority group: Try to understand the underlying meaning of it. Even if you are totally wrong, thats ok. You can always learn from you mistakes. If you are right try explaining them your point in a "POLITE" way.
2. Reaction for the majority group:Now taking into account the majority group of critics, they have a gut feeling that we would react back. Which makes them kind of achieve their goal. Its really hard to please every one or atleast them... :-))If they are getting into your nerves, try to swallow a bit , coz they are testing your patience which will ultimately make you a much better person. Still if you cant, better off ignoring them (again, po,itely)coz, they might be an absolute jerk!
I have met so many jerks.... :-))

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Uma said...

So true. I felt myself relieved (i dont know why, but for some reason). Very nice article.