Saturday, August 23, 2008


Im not too orthodoxed but i believe and respect my relegion. Basically we do pooja or prayers to have self disciplinary routine in our life, and to control our mind. The meaning of festival in any relegion is, a celebration that we do in honor of our God/Goddess. We do it because it offers us sense of belonging to a particular religious , social , or a group. Through these festivals we get to hear stories and knowldge about the occassion through our elders, which we can pass it on to our next generation. And through these stories we would learn a moral to follow in our lives. I like to celebrate festivals. Therefore i like decorating idols during the fextival, although i dont have much of experience or knowledge abt it. I try to keep up the relegious ethics as far as possible. But mostly i do it , as i would dress up my own baby. So i enjoy doing it. And i feel contented. I have posted few pictures below .

KrishnaJayanthi 2008:

Varalakshmi Vratham 2008:

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