Saturday, August 30, 2008

Digi Workshop

I've been taking pictures since i turned 15 if i remember right. I was in my 10th grade. It would be funny if i rewind back those days. I have no idea what photography was all about. But i liked it. When i grew older i developed more interest towards photography and clicked better pictures. My first camera was a yashika , the model back in the 80's, where we have to load the film and get rolling on.Lately i've been playing with the canon digital camera. Most of us, classify ourselves as a beginner thus own a digital camera, but we do not know how to make the most of it. I'm not a professional photographer, but i would call myself a good photographer. You check my works from the archives, which i will post it later. Now, I would like to share some tips on getting good pictures with ordinary digital camera(without SLR) here.
1. Avoid shaking: therefore hold your camera with a grip, if possible lean again a solid surface or hold your breath for a while taking pictures. It’s not rocket science but it’s amazing how many people get it wrong and wonder why their images are blurry.

2. Resolution: Always choose the highest resolution , becoz if u happen to shoot a picture of ur lifetime and that u have ur camera's resolution set a low, theres nothing you can do to make it print at a descent size. Rather have the high resol. and reduce the file size before emailing.

3.When to use flash: The flash only works from 6 – 12 feet. Don’t use a flash when shooting scenery or long distance pictures. But DO use the flash when you're shooting people in bright midday sunlight - it fills in the harsh shadows. And, no, it won't overpower the sunlight.

4. Focus: Hold the button HALF WAY DOWN to focus on a subject (not the background). If necessary - say, the subject is off center - first compose the entire shot using the zoom, then point the center spot at the subject, press the button halfway down (this locks the focusing point!), then re-frame the shot and take the picture!!

5. Distance: try to be as much close as possible to the subject .

6.Some Functions in the digital camera :

You must be wondering how to get a picture with the background dull and the subject to be perfectly clear,we have always got a habit to click pictures with the "Auto" mode.Now here try to use the setting called "portrait" in your digital camera. I've demonstrated 2 pictures with "Auto" mode and then with the "Portrait" mode, pls find the diff and enjoy using it.

Whenever you intend to shoot a tiny objects with your ordinary digital camera, you might again get it blurry if your camera is in "Auto" mode. Switch the setting to " Macro" mode and try focusing the small objects. Pls find the pics below with auto & macro mode and see the difference it makes.("macro" option will always carry a flower symbol.)

Hope you like it. Enjoy taking pictures.

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