Friday, August 14, 2009

Happy Krishna Jayanthi 2009

I had been meaning to post an article since a month , thats when i came back from my vacation. But someway or the other i got too busy with day to day life and kept going on with it. Also i wasnt sure what to write as my mind was totally blank. I didn't wanna post anything crappy , finally got hold of this beautiful day of Sri Krishna Jayanthi! The birth of Lord Sri KRISHNA PARAMATHMA!
I have always considered him as my dear one,cant really give a precise relationship as it would be lesser that wat i might express. I have had times which wasnt so pleasant , but i was able to go through it smoothly with the help of HIM. There has been many times when I have unknowingly hurt his feelings. But he has always brushed it aside acknowledging the fact that it was from a superficially insensitive but deeply sensitive person like me. Probably he knows that I never ever meant to hurt him .
I mostly communicate through singing songs and kirthis on Lord Krishna where i will always end up with tears of joy/sorrow/happiness all mixed up together. Thereby i will put down my burden at his lotus feet and he has never failed to take up my burden as his!On such beautiful day i present few pictures above. Happy Krishna Jayanthi you all!

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