Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Summer Precautions - car interioir becomes an oven!

I came to know about this information while i was browsing and thought of sharing it with all. You may be surprised to find out how high temperatures can soar within the interior of a car during a hot, sunny day.

I have posted few pictures that i got from the internet to illustrate how outside temperature remains constant at 90 degrees but we increase the length of time prolongation within a vehicle here This clearly tells us , it is important to note that the outside temperature does not have to be hot in order for a car to become an oven . Even temperatures considered mild can be fatal during an extended period of time.

Kids and hot cars safety tips :
  • Simply, just don't leave kids in the car
  • Always lock your car and secure the keys so that your kids can't get to them
  • Warn your kids about playing in the car by themselves without adult supervision
  • Install a trunk release mechanism, so that they can't get trapped in the trunk
  • Get your kids out of the car first, and then worry about getting the groceries, etc., out of the car when you get home
  • Make sure that child car providers and day care workers have a plan to make sure that kids aren't left in the day care providers car or van
  • Extreme heat has many risks such as that of Heat Cramps, Exhaustion, and Heat Stroke.
  • Please be prepared especially those with kids and pets.

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