Monday, June 1, 2009

India Vaccation pictures - Part 1

Friends, pls find some pictures that i took during my vaccation.This time most of my trip was spiritual based. Hope you will all enjoy the pictures.

1.Mangaadu Amman Temple : I always get some peace of mind in understanding about our sacred relegion.I wish i knew more when i was in chennai , coz i might have been able to visit temples around. Yet I've been blessed to get an opputunity to have darshan of Mangadu Amman everytime i visit chennai during vaccation.
This is one of my favourite temple. And there is a speciality to this temple associated with me.This temple is very close , about 25 mins drive from our place.
Whenever i tell someone (friends / relatives who are unmarried) to go and visit this temple , and pray sincerely, they will definitely get married very soon. This has happened not just once.... lot many times. Om Shakthi!!! Parashakthi!!!

Mangadu temple way to moola prathanam :

2.Om Shakthi Temple : Jainagar Arumbakkam, just 2 mins from our house in chennai. Very powerful temple. You dont have to ask anything to god, she herself will fulfill all your necessities that you deserve.

3.Thirumazhisai Temple: Also known as Jagannatha Perumal temple. Very close to our house in chennai, situated in Poonamallee road, its about 10 mins drive from our place.
There is also a shrine buit for anjaneyar inside the temple.This anjaneyar is supposed to be very powerful and fulfills all the wishes of the devotees praying there .He is supposed to heal incurable diseases , brings marriage to unmarried persons and also grant a person with wealth &prosperity.
In specific people who are facing difficulties in getting visa are said to have gotten it, when they pray to this Anjaneyar, and it is so true in my parents case, whose visa got rejected the first time and they got it after praying in this temple.Thus he is being called as VISA ANJANEYAR.No doubt your prayers for visa are fulfilled in this temple.
There is a community in orkut for this temple There is also a similiar visa temple in Hyderabad called Balaji temple in Chilkur,Andhra pradesh.

4.Othandeeswar temple : A shiva temple kai thanda pran [devotee who gave his hand]. It is told that this temple was build at this site as Lord Shiva showed himself here to the devotee(A King) who cut off his hand when he accidentally used his sword to cut the climbers on the Lingam to pave way

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