Saturday, January 30, 2010


Gee, what a lousiness,upon living silent without any post for a long time?!
Few of my closest buddies kicked me up and been bugging me to post something new. Honestly i was blank!

I had been in the deep recesses& occasionally came to the fore front about doing something worthwhile yet I was cognizant & was silently creating my own hell. I was too busy with my usual life.... is what everybody says; just a reason to escape! and i was no different than the regular folks.

Finally, decided that I needed a change of mind ! So dusted off my old Facebook account and thought i might get into it & see whats going on after say 3 years!!!
Now, kept trying all sorts of permutation and combination of passwords ,ended up with no luck!!!
Hence had to go through the agonizing "forgot your password" page and finally got that link for request of new password.

Holy cow, there was tons & tons of emails and friendship requests, miscellaneous things happening on the facebook which I'm so new to. After a week it got bored~! Then switched to scrapbooking. Trust me its so addictive & expensive. Oh yea any hobby in America will rip off ur wallet for sure. My poor hubby!!! :))

And i jumped towards photography with my poor little canon digital camera(7.5 mega pixels). Seriously it helped me a lot on many ways. I love photography and i had been taking so many pictures but never thought i should make it as a serious hobby. And then i started to post my own pictures relevant to each article i post in my own blog. This gave me an immense satisfaction. One day, i lost that cutey little pie somewhere and that's it, i had been mourning for a long time about it. Again went to my superman! and cried for help! There you go, He bought me a Nikon D90 DSLR.....

To be continued......

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