Thursday, November 12, 2009


So the day of surprise finally arrived. Me, my husband & our son all three landed and took some rest and by the time we could get over the jet lag , our son got sick with high temperature and cold due to the severe wheather conditions prevailing here. It is much cold and windy than NJ.

The pictures above were the places that are located exactly within 5 minutes walk (except one or two)from the hotel where we stayed. For now i guess this is wat it is.

London is made up of very attractive architecture, and each one of them is unique. Looks like many of the main building like St.Pauls cathedral church has even survived bombs from wars. All of them are dated atleast a 2 or more centuries many of them are dated back a thousands of years back, which is a jaw-dropping and interesting fact!

To be Continued ................

Photographs by Abi.

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