Thursday, November 19, 2009

Languorous London

London is one of the most diverse and exhilarating places in the world. Live here and you’ll meet people and ideas from the world over. And as with all great cities, it takes time to get to know the basics.

London is a cosmopolitan type of city, it consists of so many different communities where different nationalities and cultures live side by side.You can find Irish people inhabiting one London area next to Jewish and Muslim people. In certain parts you will meet Greeks, Americans, New Zealanders, Germans, Africans etc. With so many people living here there is a great percent of foreigners .

Travelling across London can at times be difficult, particularly by car/taxi - the average traffic speed in the West End is just 8 miles per hour! The large tube system makes travel through London rapid though at certain times of day it can be overcrowded.

Despite all these good fact there are also some downside of london , which is being the most expensive city in the world, and seems dirty, noisy or overcrowded, with no facilities for the Handicapped or people with kids especially babies in strollers , because there is on Lift/elevator for the underground tubes, its only the escalators. . Whether u like it or not, can or cannot, you have to walk over the stairs .Not a lot of public trash bins are found in the city thus the cause of the dirty scenario. Not a lot of Toilet facilities either. Taxis are highly expensive. Public transports like tubes/trams/buses are much affordable.

One of the problems of the city is , although it is made up of attractive architecture, the city is pretty dull and one often wonders whether much of it is worth the effort. Its either full of bankers or its the weekend and that too in shopping areas like oxford circus and nowhere else u can see a single person. The whole city is haunted during weekends. All the shops are closed within 5.30 pm. And theres no prefference to kids or pregnant woman or handicapped person among the public. On top of which the indisputable VAT tax. Cant really find good Indian/Asian food in central London. The wheather adds feather to the cap! .....windy & rainy most of the time.

It might be a great place just for the purpose of visiting around(tourism) but its not my favourite. No offense. Its just my personal opinion.

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