Friday, January 16, 2009

Pongalo Pongal

This is one of the major festivals of tamilnad which is in south india. Since i hail from that place i wish to add few words about it. Pongal is such a sweet festival really as well as literally .It is very special to the farmers as it is mainly oriented to the harvesting. But every Hindu thanks lord "surya baghvan" which is the sun , for giving life to the plants and there by food to all the living being. We make a speciality dish called Pongal which is basically a slow cooked rice & jaggery and offered to god as a token of thanks.

My friend sent this is a picture of her office in chennai decorated for the festival of Pongal. The pots, sugarcane branches with leaves and flowers are traditional parts of the Pongal celebration. In rural areas of Tamil Nadu and northern and eastern Sri Lanka, the pots would be on an open fire with milk and traditional pongal food being boiled in them.
Happy Pongal to all of you.

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